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Understand Your Personal Physiology


I am deeply passionate about helping my clients attain their goals!

And stay motivated through their journey. Through my years in the field of fitness I have worked with women and men, competitive athletes, former athletes and those who have never been athletic and yet are committed to being mobile and strong. In order to do this, I stay informed on the latest research in the fields of strength, mobility, female physiology and all multisport disciplines. 

Some of the courses I’ve recently added to my repertoire include Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) which really digs into the long misunderstood world of mobility training. In addition, I’ve taken all the courses through Dr Stacy Sims on all things women’s physiology, especially when it comes to training women in peri and post menopause.

Whether you are looking to get strong to offset osteoporosis, finish that next Olympic triathlon, or conquer your fist Ultra trail run, I am here for you.


Sometimes We Just Need a Little Help Organizing the Process.

This involves wading through the endless amount of information out on the internet, in addition to understanding how your personal physiology works. It can be daunting, but I’m here to help you understand fact from fiction.


I see myself not just as a fitness professional, but as an educator. I have the honor of assisting and motivating my students as they seek out their own adventures and providing them with the resources they need to be successful. 

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